AFFECTIVE GLOBALISM – There’s a fiction by Michele Pinto

Michele Pinto, Francesco Tammacco and Vito De Lillo

The first take was just shot, marking the beginning of the filming of an ambitious film project by the award-winning Apulian director. Michele Pinto which brings the innovative learning methodology of Affective Globalism.

The original methodological-didactic specifics and the history of the didactic method of initiation and reading-writing, designed and patented by Prof. Vito De Lillois told in a middle film.

The project, launched in the last school year 2021/2022 and named The house of letterspromoted by the San Giovanni Bosco-Tommaso Fiore State Comprehensive Institute of Altamura, with the economic patronage of the economic development, innovation, education-training and employment department of the Puglia region.

Originally from Bari, after a short period of teaching in the Veneto region, the Prof. Vito De Lillo he returns to his hometown, where he has been teaching at the XXV Don Milani Didactic Circle since 1983, experimenting with the use of new technologies in teaching and developing a learning process that children could experience not as effort but as leisure.

Precisely because of his aptitude for research into the Italian language, guided by careful observation of his students, during the years of teaching prof. Lillo begins to test and perfect a new learning method of reading and writing, that is, to begin reading and writing with great emotional impact and some effectiveness, which the name of Affective Globalismwhich it achieved in the 90s.

The method, widely used thanks to the diligent collaboration of Vincenzo Borracci, and tested in hundreds of schools across the country, has over the years received laudable and reputable recognition from important bodies and institutions involved in the field of education and training operate. Level.didactic and scientific. Examples are, to name a few, the recognitions of Aldo Moro University, the Child Neuropsychiatry Complex Operating Unit of the Bari Polyclinic, the Italian Federation of Crèches, the Institute for Academic, Social and Educational Research, ANPE (National Association of Pedagogists ) and a New York Neuro Psychiatry Center.

Filming of fiction that sees Michele Pinto the direction will take place at Altamura, at the San Giovanni Bosco-Tommaso Fiore State Comprehensive Institute. To take over the role of Prof. Vito De LilloProtagonist of this story of didactic innovation, the Apulian Lactore Francesco Tamcco. The screenplay for the film project was by Raffaele Tedeschi entrusted to the direction of photography Diego Magrone. Still Photographer, the Profi Enzo Paparella.

To supervise the work, the teacher, prof. Eufemia Patella, the administrative aspect entrusted to Dr Anna Perloco, while the pedagogical aspect is provided by prof. Luisa Verdoscia, former head of the Don Milani crèche and primary school in Bari, the institute where De Lillo patented the method.

Teacher Maria Pina Franco coordinated the collaboration between teachers and laboratory activities.


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