Actions to combat youth distress, answer to Maria Savigni’s question

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The first question that was discussed yesterday in the municipal council was signed by the parent society of the Democratic Party Maria Savigni on “interventions and actions to combat youth discomfort”.

“In the municipal council of July 26, 2021 – read the question – an agenda was presented that has as its theme “interventions and projects to combat youth discomfort”, jointly signed by the directors of the Democratic Party, of Sassuolo Futura and of the mixed group. This odg, which was adopted by the council after the presentation of an amendment by the councilor Capezzera, committed the mayor and the council to open specific discussion tables on the issue of discomfort in the youth world with all interested parties as a reality . educational and scholastic, aggregation centers, clubs, parishes, associations and entities that carry out cultural and educational activities; but above all to “implement specific initiatives that take into account the changes, and young people present in all districts of the city, involve as an opportunity for aggregation and socialization”. Considering that this topic increasingly is current, as the various educational institutions involved point out, and as it is

It was also emphasized at the district school table, which was held on July 12, and asked which specific actions, which are not already foreseen in the historical planning, have been implemented and if so, what are the resources and the issues that are affected.

Councilor for youth policy Sharon Ruggeri responded.

“As reported in the preamble of the question, after the approval of the agenda of July 26, 2021 regarding “interventions and projects to combat youth discomfort”, several consultations and subsequent plans were launched. As we all remember, after the summer of 2021, there were various restrictions until May 2022, when a gradual return to normal began. Therefore, in these phases, it was not easy to start operational actions that were frontal with young people, especially students; for this reason, I have these period precisely used to draw up plans, consultations, meet associations and create new actions to combat the new forms of youth distress that the pandemic has unfortunately left behind. On October 14, 2021, the Youth Council was held where the new president was elected was reviewed the various projects and events organized by the administration and the individual clubs; at that moment the topic was of this issue, to share ideas and accept suggestions. The Department of Youth Policy (which I, after my task as an assessor with the identification of two reference figures who are totally absent in our establishment and referred to all of them to the Culture Service) have worked in the last months with projects and initiatives to create channels Arguments such as healthy play and healthy lifestyle in contrast to the post-pandemic youth discomfort that led to the creation of the first edition of Sassuolo Comics: an event that met with great and pleasant success despite the bad weather and which for this reason have we also confirmed for next year. Thanks to the planning of this event, we also started a fruitful collaboration with the AUSL for all initiatives on healthy lifestyle and also some projects for citizenship with the training of professionals in the medical sector. A further collaboration was launched and, as mentioned above for another institution, with the Sassuolo Hospital, a truly touching moment was created for the young pediatric guests; also in this case during the planning of Sassuolo Comics there were excellent ideas for future fruitful collaboration between the two entities.

Through the Consulta dello Sport, a project will be launched for the next school year in primary schools, to give children the opportunity to try and possibly initiate sporting activities, both as a method to contrast the school dropout, and also for the current low propensity of generations to practice sports and avoid the onset of eating disorders, which the pandemic has significantly increased.

We have also launched two projects that take into account the Foundation’s evaluations for the Bando Personae 2022:

– One in collaboration with the municipalities of the Union of the ceramic district led by Maranello, always using sports as a method to avoid school dropouts

– Another that connects the various associations and also the municipalities from the ceramic district, which deals with the training of the unemployed, inclusion, fight against the spring from the school.

For both projects there is a percentage of co-financing from the municipality.

I also initiated personal contacts with the region, but also collaborated with the youth policy departments of the entire district for the “YOUTH” project. In fact, we organize the passage of the “youth caravan”, compatible with the regional availability, which gathers the ideas and needs of young people in the age group 14-25.

Regarding the GET and the District Educational Center, a further increase in funds for the Sassuolo region has already been foreseen by the Ministry of Education in agreement with the Union to improve the service and accommodate a further number of very young people with the aim of early school exchange and addressing bad behavior. At the same time and with the same goals, a concrete project for the education of legality will be drawn up in cooperation with the police municipality.

The project, which should be implemented in the GET next school year, should promote a more conscious citizenship, paying attention to more correct behavior, through specific activities with the young people.

All the following projects that are listed relate to the historical activities that continue to make policies to combat youth discomfort and that I have therefore not included.

As we all know, we also had the opportunity to obtain many loans for the rehabilitation of youth structures such as the Antica Paggeria and, last but not least, the project for the rehabilitation of Herzogtum Park (the only municipality other) such as UNIMORE to receive funding in the province of Modena) which also involves the Casa nel Parco.

Therefore, if you take the sums at an economic level, a total of over €60,000 (between budget figures and external funding that we have managed) will be used (or will soon be) used, without counting the structural interventions for buildings , who are young. People. he is talking about 3 million euros instead.

It is certainly important to establish community funds suitable for combating activities to combat youth, but it is even more important to draw from external sources to further increase the availability of resources and the data at hand we didn’t stay. folded arms. but we have (and are getting) excellent results”.

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