Acireale donate: “Food for the mind, Breath for the heart”, a project for neighborhoods and difficulties


“Food for the mind, breath for the heart” an den Project – Intervention, intended for children and adolescents who participate in the oratorios of some pores of the municipality of Acireale. The idea to carry out this project was born during the meeting for the approval of the budget of Acireale Dona 2020, which on the 29th. Balance balance, equal to almost 43 thousand euros. The two founding members, Monsignor Antonino RaspantiBishop of the Diocese of Acireale, Stefano AliMayor of the City of Acireale in the presence of Rosa Maria Garozzo sole director, of the members of the College of Guaranteeand of Dr. Fraschillaby mutual agreement they agree small projects to support, fund, children and young people, Category specifically tested by this pandemic.

The title of the project emphasizes and reinforces the importance of the immateriality of food, equally necessary and fundamental, in the growth and education of the recipients. Particular attention was paid to the parishes present in the most problematic neighborhoods: Parental irregularity and lack of work, social marginalization, drug trafficking, insufficient school preparation, increased early retirement.

8 projects were presented with the following areas of interest:

1. Holy Mary of the Rosary – Scillichenti. Purchase of sports equipment and security in the area.

Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo – Aci Platani. Purchase of sports equipment and renovation of the ground. In this parish there is a long tradition of sporting activities, with regional and interregional recognition.

Saints Cosma and Damiano – San Cosmo. Arrangement of fencing of the sports field

4. Our Lady of Trust – Via Wagner – Purchase of didactic materials, interactive tools for training, study support, prevention and the fight against cyberbullying.

5. Immaculate Heart of Mary – Piazza Dante. Arrangement of the area, next to the educational garden. The purchase and placement of equipment is intended for the socialization and play of children.

6. Santa Maria degli Ammalati – S. Maria Ammalati. Purchase of musical instruments and training of children with specialized teachers. The project is carried out in collaboration with the local school.

7. Cathedral – City center. Creating a choir of children and teenagers, who come from different parts of the city, to learn and spread the ancient music, crèche, Lillabies of our tradition.

8. Co-op. De Fiels – Madonna of the Tent – S. Giovanni Bosco. Purchase of materials for the construction of two workshops, the first artistic, the second musical.

As regards the economic contribution, it was decided to leave the amount requested by the proponents unchanged, and to integrate the shortage, with an extra contribution of €. 6,000.00 (six thousand / 00) paid by each member. In fact, the sum of the inquiries received concerning the projects is presented, was about € higher. 12,000 / 00, Compare with the cash availability of Acireale Dona (approximately € 43,000.00). When the projects are completed, the Acireale Dona Committee will have completed its mission and will be dissolved.

In the spirit of the collaboration that has characterized the activities to date, also for the final realization of these projects, the Parene are supported in the implementation. It will all end with a simple “Final Inauguration” of the activities that must take place by July 26, 2022.

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