The school world stops for the union strike on May 30th. Teachers on the Road Against the New Recruitment and Training System

Latina’s teachers in his province are ready to mobilize “against the invasion of the field, which is being operated by the government, in matters such as wages, careers and recruitment, which are the exclusive bargaining power”. This was announced by the Teachers Guild of the Pontine capital, through the voice of the provincial coordinator Patrizia Giovannini.

A brilliant school year is at an end. The school world will end on Monday, May 30, for the general strike called by all six unions. The rendezvous for teachers from all over Italy is in Rome, in the Piazza Santi Apostoli, starting at 10.30 am.

The subject of the dispute is Decree Law n.36, published in the Official Gazette on 30 April, which reforms the system of access to teaching staff and which is to be transposed into law by 29 June.

“The new system for qualification and entry into the role introduced by the dl – explains the secretary of the Latina Guild – is unfair and detrimental to precarious work, because it does not quickly solve the old question of precarious teachers, rather extended the time for stabilization by determining, among other things, a proper credit market.It is a laborious system, as well as cumbersome, as it provides a mandatory initial training for access to competitions: a degree will not be enough, but it will be necessary only 60 training credits are obtained through a written and oral test. Only once “promoted” on these tests, you can participate in the competitions, after which it is necessary to pursue another training with further tests and final evaluation. This is just one of the paths proposed by the recruitment reform; otherwise, the guild’s proposal, including that of the other unions, would allow the time needed to speed up the role and n directly stabilize the precariat, historically and otherwise “.

“The same decree – further Giovannini – calls into question the preparation of teachers, requiring permanent training, with three-year courses, in which intermediate tests and final assessments are provided for all teachers, both for new staff and also for those who hold permanent positions for years .. Participation in these courses would take place outside the school, in additional hours, with a clear transcript of the contractual aspect, which should be the responsibility of the trade union sector. ‘Establishment of a higher education institution, led by the Ministry with the participation of Invalsi and Indire, also calls on all the external components of the school to train teachers with years of experience behind them, including teaching methods and language and language and digital skills, with the provision of specific objectives and performance indicators, with which the intermediate and fin alevaluation is applied. That is why we are also intervening to expand the teaching staff, by using the competences of the teaching staff as well as the contractual ones. “

The guild and all the other representative unions of the school call on the category to mobilize against a disposition which is elaborated by some form of confrontation which has introduced a rewarding and competitive system which divides the category and therefore is unacceptable. “We call for the removal of all contractual issues from the decree,” Giovannini stressed. Balancing the pay of school staff to civil servants, revising the current parameters for staff participation, with a reduction in the number of pupils in the classes, and all the demands that have been paying attention for years, but always have remained on the plate. “.

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