Abc offers the free webinar “School Inclusion and Disability” events in Trieste

ABC onlus, an association that has been helping all children since 2005 to deal with the complex surgical procedures at Burlo Garofolo Mother and Children’s Hospital in Trieste, continues with the “Protection and Rights” project, which responds to the needs of many families. to be informed about the legislation and the possible assistance and services provided by Law 104/92. So ABC also wants to support families who need to be accompanied not only at the moment of hospitalization, but also in the later day-to-day life in the legal aspect. The activity is aimed at the families of the surgical children, but also at the families (in the region and throughout Italy) who have to travel with a disability; the recipients of the project may also include health professionals, teachers, educators and all those who work in the application of the cases of the law.

On Tuesday, February 22nd, at 6 pm, ABC will be offering the free webinar “School Inclusion and Disability: How to Guarantee Children’s Rights” on the zoom platform (here is the link to sign up). Registrations are accepted until the number of places supported by the platform is turned off.This is the second introductory meeting (the first, last November, had found an excellent turnout, stimulated great interest and many questions) dedicated to studying law issues, school inclusion, discrimination and skills. How often do parents find themselves, in school placement, with thousands of acronyms: PEI, GLO, DF, PDF … and who knows how many others! This second introductory webinar will help participants learn about useful information by engaging in topics such as case law, which often seem tiring to inexperienced eyes.

Attorney Elisabetta Rovatti, expert in school inclusion and anti-discrimination law, will guide participants during the meeting. Together with her Giusy Battain, founder and director of the ABC Association for Surgical Children of Burlo onlus, and Giulia Bresciani, Project Area Manager of ABC

The meeting is aimed at families in need of support regarding the benefits and rights guaranteed by Law 104/92, and is also open to professionals and health care professionals who need the path of childcare and their inclusion in follow the school curriculum.

Why “protection and rights”?

“Protection and Rights” (this is the name of the project) responds primarily to the needs of the families of surgical patients who are already in contact with ABC, but can benefit from all those (including health care workers, educators, teachers) who for the most diverse reasons, throughout Italy, and in different situations of need, guidance through the interpretation of the law need.

The “Protection and Rights” project aims to help families protect the rights of children and their families throughout their lives and above all to guarantee them. The aim of the project is to provide information, support and dissemination of material, which is sometimes complex and difficult to handle, but is fundamental for those living in difficult situations. Knowing the regulations, recognizing when they are properly applied, asking for their application in the right contexts is essential to protect not only the course of treatment, but the whole way of life that every surgical child (or forced on other forms of) Disability) together with his family. With this new project, ABC wants to once again be close to families, continuously responding to their needs.

“Supporting and maintaining development not only means accompanying growth from a physical and emotional point of view, but it also implies guaranteeing rights and eliminating obstacles along the way. All of this can also be achieved through the ‘ Knowledge of the specific characteristics and possibilities offered by a complex law such as Law 104/92, commented Giulia Bresciani, Project Area Manager of ABC

What does the project offer?

The project offers various sources of information and protection.

The webinar on 22 February is useful for presenting the project in a general sense: with the support of lawyer Elisabetta Rovatti (specializing in the subject), an initial support through knowledge of the law, with special attention to some specific topics. the end of the year (5 more are expected, in addition to those of February) and they will examine specific issues that have arisen more urgently, also on the basis of the interventions given after the first meeting. We are talking about PEI (with attention also to AIDS and resources), PDP and GLO; of judgment 97/95 and of the differentiated IEP; of the UN Convention and the principle of reasonable accommodation in the relationship between inclusion or discrimination in the correct or incorrect use of language.

Participants in the webinar will receive a specific and clear guide (a compendium of about sixty pages, simple in content and accessible to non-experts), created by the project’s lawyer, who answers the most common doubts about areas of 104/92. School age (what is the Individualized Education Plan? Who is part of the GLO working group? How are the support hours quantified?) And which also provides information and indications to the reference adults (What are the job benefits for those concerned . a child with a disability?). An agile manual with a highly informative cut.

A free consultation desk is also provided by the same lawyer to cover the various aspects of the legislation, mediated by ABC: Families can write to the address protectediritti to get an initial answer to their specific problems and indications to make a way of protecting and guaranteeing their rights. The answers are shared on a special page of the ABC website (in respect of privacy and personal data) for the benefit of all families who are faced with certain situations.

Who is ABC

ABC onlus was founded in 2005 in Trieste by two parents who made a long surgical journey for their child. Today, it is a well-structured organization that helps all children who have to provide complex care at the Burlo Garofolo mother and children’s hospital in Trieste. ABC onlus welcomes families for free during the hospitalization of their children in five houses in Trieste, relieves them of economic and practical pressure and offers psychological and emotional support in and out of the ward, accompanies families throughout the treatment process and also after return home . In addition, ABC onlus supports the burlo by donating specialized equipment, supporting scientific research and training of operators.

“ABC Listening Projects”

ABC onlus is committed to listening more and more to the ever-changing needs of the children and families that accompany them. For the third year in a row, it has renewed, together with Burlo, the psychological support project of prenatal diagnosis, which provides for the daily presence of a qualified psychotherapist in the hospital; has also set up a psychological distance service to follow families during this complex period and to continue to be by their side even after hospitalization.

ABC has paid particular attention to the project “A child-friendly room”, with which the association works to create a pleasant and natural environment (from games, nice presence, dialogues) for small patients and reduce the impact that children and their Families have to face, often even for long periods, living in conditions of anxiety and worry.


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