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The ceremony for the engagement of the playschool in Via Dante Alighieri for the teacher Donata Maria Fischetti was held on the morning of Wednesday 27th April.. It was a holiday with the participation of many people who wanted to attend at the moment, delighted by the presence and joy of the children who were in the playschool.

They were present: Mayor Francesco Siviero, Councilor for Culture and Education Veronica Pasetto, Councilors Layla Marangoni and Silvia Ricchi, Pastor Don Damiano Vianello, Former Pastor of the Parish of San Francesco d’Assisi, Father Piero and Father Damiano Baschirotto , the teacher prof. Antonella Flori, the President of the Council of the Catia Spigolon Institute, the children who go to kindergarten with their teachers, the family members of Maestra Donata and her friends, former students, former work colleagues, catechists, many citizens who wanted to be present for this well-deserved recognition.

The following participated, in order: Mayor, Director, Father Damiano Baschirotto, Councilor Veronica Pasetto, President of the Institute Council, Gentile Tamburin for the Parish Church Group of the Third Age, Oriana Picello for the Popular University of Polesana, Nephew Michele Fischetti.

“With this commitment to Donata, we will ensure the rebirth of this school – said the Mayor – Donata’s dedication is to help people understand the importance of the school and the lessons it has taught us. When you met Donata on the street, she was always available and was a kind of psychological support. We believe today that it is the duty of the administration to dedicate this recognition to her, which assures the important figure of this person who has filled the hearts of the people. who knew it and your many presence is a precious testimony.

“I was not lucky enough to meet her – so the teacher continued – but from the first year I was here I understood the extraordinary nature of this figure for the whole school world and the reality of Taglio di Po. I have a deep belief that the school works when there are good teachers. I believe Donata was a person who conveyed not only a professionalism but also a high humanity. “Seeing all these people this morning is proof that this person was important and it is essential that these witnesses be gathered by teachers and children so that they may grow up with the memory of this person who left an important mark.”

“I remember Donata for humanity who spoke out against everyone she met. – said Father Damiano for his part – The word formation that Donata expressed at school and at the catechetical level guided her in all her activities and reflections; Training for everyone, including our adults, is never over; as long as we have time, we accept Donata’s invitation to personal training to live in the context of today’s history, in the political life of today and in the religious life of today. If we do not have the education, we will fish out of the water. “

“I thank the Comprehensive Institute – further adviser Veronica Pasetto – in the person of the teacher, the teaching staff, the school council, who accepted the administration’s proposal to name this school after the teacher Donata Fischetti. She became the spokesperson. for a feeling that pervades the entire community of to pay tribute to the Donata teacher in recognition of her death. I was thinking last night about what I would say today on this very important day. “Donata for me was my teacher, my catechist, my counselor, an important point of reference in my life.”.

“It may take a whole book to describe everything that Donata has done in her life, to dedicate herself to others, and to the initiatives, both civil, religious, cultural, social, park, in which she is always present and active. And she always with great enthusiasm, energy and with a smile Sometimes she got angry and stammered, it’s true, but because she wanted things done right, and was almost always right.How not to her with her children and the summer guys to remember, with his nephew Cesare ”.

“Actually, a book is not enough. But what I find important to emphasize today is his testimony and his commitment, dedication, perseverance, sense of responsibility at work and in the activities undertaken, which is always rich in love for all of us. their children were, and we really were.And we continue to be so today.The title is a well-deserved recognition, probably also little compared to what Donata did.The school together with the parish, they were the Places of his life.This school, in addition to GB Stella, where he has been teaching continuously for 35 years, provides an opportunity to remember our adults and at the same time a message for future generations who are taking their first steps in this school., For us to remember this extraordinary woman who really made a difference in Taglio di Po, to remind us of her teachings and the values ​​she was able to convey there.Not to forget who Donata w ar, a true pillar, a pillar, a teacher, but also a life teacher. Thanks Donata! “.

Thank you from the family with the words of nephew Michele, a floral tribute from the family of Donata to the councilor Pasetto, a poem recited by the children in the choir, the discovery of the plaque, which was carried by the tricolor flag with the title Donata Fischetti is covered. Greetings and final thanks to Councilor Pasetto.

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