A plan to revitalize tourism through sustainable mobility

(In the photo: Fabrizio Novikov)

On Lake Garda in the realm of fun between nature parks and the loops of Mincio, the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia made a stop in Veronese (Monday 27 June) to visit the theme parks but also to meet administrators and actors of tourism slowly . and bike path from Valpolicella to the east, ending with a flower in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Borghetto sul Mincio. To greet the Mayor of Castelnuovo del Garda, Giovanni Dal Cerothe deputy of Valeggiana Vania Valbusathe MEP Paolo Borchia and the Regional Councilor Filippo Rigo,Exponents of the league e Fabrizio Novikov Promoter of cycling tourism.

The Minister then met with representatives of the world parks Gardaland, Movieland and Caneva, which he visited, and also of Parco Natura Viva. There were also administrators from Valeggio, Soave and Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. Garavaglia came primarily to visit the theme parks, to include them in the strategic plan for “Amusement Park Tourism”. He also mentioned the problems, recently asked in the L’Arena of Dal Cero, of specific school education in this area of ​​tourism. Garavaglia and the exponents found themselves in the Rock StarRestaurant where the various issues of security and promotion of the territory were discussed.

The Minister then went to Borghetto, where a much-discussed topic was discussed during this period: slow tourism or rather by Novikov Bicycle Tourism. An opportunity for the Minister of Tourism to highlight how routes such as those of Via Francigena are an important driver for the development of territorial and sustainable tourism, capable of combining soft mobility with historic villages and local communities.

Garavaglia as mentioned several times already “Authentic tourism is made up of people of exceptional excellence who are capable of promoting the economic rebirth of many territories. A tourism that is gaining more and more traction and is transformed by a niche phenomenon into a real mass phenomenon, which gives impetus to the restart of Italy.“. A sector that can grow. According to the Minister, in fact,”to promote cycling tourism, which has phenomenal numbers in Italy, if we think it’s worth 5 billion in Italy. But then we look at Germany, where it’s worth 20, and we realize the enormous potential we have: we have everything, from climate to landscape, we just have to organize. We as a ministry have done something very simple but systematic, uploading a protocol with Enel for the e-bike along the entire Via Francigena. It’s just the beginning.

(In the photo, from left: Novikov, Dal Cero, Borchia, Garavagna and Valbusa)

An ever-expanding territory, Novikov explains under the Cycle Tourism heading: “It has been 10 years since I started talking about cycling tourism in my adopted city of Casale Monferrato. It reminds me of the first collaboration with Paolo Pileri’s WIND project and with Dario ZoccothenDirector of Po and Orba Park for the redevelopment of the Bosco della Pastrona and the birth of the permanent KINTANA road. Since then, the training course has been extensive, many collaborators have come until my transfer to the Gardesano region, which now leads me to promote a territory so large and at the same time rich in content “. These are the words of Fabrizio Novikov of Vercelli, born in 1976, former MTB rider and manager of the former Bike’n Foot activity in Casale Monferrato, after several initiatives in the world of cycling in the Monferrino area, he dedicated himself to tourism in the area that led to the transfer to Lake Garda, where a major promotional activity for cycling tourism begins INFO GARDA BIKE. More Novikov: “Our activity makes the task of this missing information, about the discovery of the territory, its villages and historical notes, all on a bike: this is what we call cycle tourism. The questions are constantly growing and we are ready for further cooperation “The meeting with the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia was very fruitful, as we discussed various topics, such as cycling tourism, which will be the key to a tourism restart in the region, and cited some already satisfactory examples.” The projects? “We are already working on a project that wants to share the territories where the tourist is the protagonist of this new experience. This too is cycling tourism and a lot of thought is also being given to a major tourism relaunch for the Monferrino region, where I’m still strongly connected. ”

A project that immediately caught the interest of Casale Monferrato: “I met Fabrizio directly in Movieland – Cabinet Chief Enzo Amich recalls –, where I supported his initiatives because we are convinced that the tourism of our wonderful Unesco Monferrato goes precisely through the expansion of our landscapes through the slow activities that know how to enhance the rich heritage they contain. Unique views, excellent food and wine, one of the most important historical, artistic and cultural offerings of the whole region: these are Casale and its Monferrato. And with the right synergy between public and private, as the GranMonferrato consortium teaches us, important strategies can be implemented. For this reason, the meeting with Fabrizio was very interesting: having a common vision, in fact, will make it possible to create and propose projects that put cycling tourism more and more at the heart of our hills.

Another topic was that of Digital: The Ministry is working on the design of an app to the network operators in the sector and shows tourists what to do and where to go for visits that are no longer hit, but the signs of extended stay. . Accompanied by the Minister, MEP Paolo Borchia, Veronese MP Vania Valbusa and Castelnuovo del Garda Mayor Giovanni Dal Cero with him Fabrizio Novikov, the promoter of cycling tourism.

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