A new school hall in Mariotto. Commissioner De Palma: Big Team Victory – Chronicle – A window always on Bitonto

We know, and we are becoming more and more aware, that sporting activity is a crucial element in the development of children. Sport is a certain factor of physical and psychological growth, as well as a vehicle for transmitting educational values, such as respect for the rules of the game and that vis-à-vis companions and opponents. Fortunately, we do not have to dwell on it anymore and therefore we do not have to rely on the equation after investing in sports (and its structures) without a doubt investing in education. In Italy, however, although we are experiencing a terrible decline in the growth of expenditure on education, today only 8%, slightly more, of public expenditure (data relating to the year 2018) is still being spent on Education from. The same PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) has identified a problem in the deficit of sports structures, particularly in the south and in the suburbs, which should be addressed as soon as possible. It is therefore more than welcome, in this sense, the news spread through CS of the municipality of Bitonto, of the candidacy of the project of a school gymnasium in Mariotto, at home, with Palombaio, of a school, the IC “Don Tonino Bello” , Of crucial importance for the social and cultural development of the two Bitonto Weiler. The press release mentions a project of 1,160 million euros for the construction of a new gymnasium for the school complex “Francesco Speranza” in the Weiler Mariotto. The project, developed by Eng. Giampiero di Lella, Head of the Territorial Service, will be a candidate for funding under the PNRR call, administered by the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the European Union’s Infrastructure Plan for Sport and Schools’ ( Next initiative) Generation EU). The project was approved by the City Council of Bitonto, at the suggestion of Sports Councilor Domenico Nacci, with the aim of equipping the Mariottan school complexes of IC Don Tonino Bello with an important structure and overcoming the inconvenience of moving. other gymnastics classes: «We also approved the application for the Pnrr-Education project for the construction of the school hall in Mariotto. A project worth 1,160,000 euros, which could finally give dignity to the school population of Weiler, interrupting the pilgrimage to other structures or even giving up hours of physical education. And then the gym would also be open in the afternoon and would become a sports center for the whole community. Collaboration between colleagues De Palma and Bonasia and Eng. Lella did it for work ». Wellness Counselor Gaetano De Palma, always on the lookout for plausible solutions to the Mariotto problem gym, underlined the exceptional nature of the project and the hope of his assent: “With a great teamwork coordinated by Ass. to sports Nacci and strongly desired by all the components of the council and the municipal administration, we decided to nominate the project of a sports facility, which is in the service of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, but also of the whole municipality through Mariotto. We must not miss the opportunity offered by the PNNR, because the committed municipal funds or funds for school buildings certainly did not suffice, nor did they justify an intervention in the Mariotto schools, where both for the demographic dynamics and for the choice of families to enroll their children in institutions in the capital of the municipality, the school population seems to be declining gradually. Despite this dynamic, the administrations Abbaticchio-1 and Abbaticchio-2 spent their time in all appropriate places to guarantee the school autonomy for the CI “Don Tonino Bello”. In view of this momentum, the construction of a new school in Mariotto was not conceivable, where the school population is numerically smaller than that of Palombaio, and therefore the administration wanted to concentrate its efforts on a new sports facility. Regardless of the outcome that this project will have, in which we hope it will be favorable, because the starting point of a country is 13 km away from the capital, and due to the lack of other sports facilities in the service of the municipality, it is also evaluated and constrained by adding them to the budget, building a prefabricated structure, for the Mariotto school where you can do physical activity and meet the real needs of children and school operators to do physical activity as well. inside, especially in the colder months, thus avoiding the inconvenience of our children to go to Palombaio or even the risk of not being able to carry out the sporting activities provided for the school courses at all ».


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