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PELLEZZANO. Band-cutting for the premises of the former playschool to via Vital, after the renovations that allowed the opening. The project was funded by the Ministry of Education for about 200 thousand euros, with the restoration of a structure that was previously neglected. The interventions, with the direction of the architect Alfonso Landi by the Pellezzano municipal office technically, started last October and ended on 14 February. Yesterday inauguration in the presence of the Mayor, Francesco Morrathe municipal administration and the manager of the general institution, Giovanna Nazzaro.
The pastor, Don Luigi Savino, gathered present in a prayer moment that blessed the school building. Later, the orchestra of the Institut Pellezzano played some musical pieces on the occasion of the “baptism” of the new structure. “I thank you,” said Mayor Morra, to the company “Fratelli Barbarulo,” which carried out the restructuring of the premises of the former municipal playschool within the established time, to provide the community with another important structure for the education of children. Thank you to the teacher Nazzaro, who is always at the forefront of an effective collaboration and synergy with the community for everything related to the improvement of the school. ”
The project concerns in particular the construction of two new bathrooms for the disabled in connection with the processing and manufacturing work, exceptional maintenance interventions on the roof slab for the conditions of stability and safety and execution of the work in connection with the verification of the screeds. guarantee in iron. Reinforcement of the floor, reinforcement treatment to prevent anti-fragile phenomena, remaking of the waterproof cover, internal false ceiling with the introduction of new lighting of the surroundings, adaptation and redistribution of classrooms for better usability. , the replacement of internal and external fittings to facilitate accessibility for disabled persons with the fixing of panic bars, the renovation of the water and electrical system and of lamps and lighting fixtures, the alarm and the heating system.
Francesco Ienco

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