a meeting to discuss the difficulties that students with learning disabilities experience

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26/02/2022 – Meeting entitled “How can this be so difficult? SLD) to sensitize.

The students of the first classes of the artistic high school “Preziotti Licini”, of the IPSIA “Ricci” and of the “Carlo Urbani” IISS could participate at a distance in a particular lesson, where administrators, school principals and professors were asked. The Fermo province’s councilor for education, Pisana Liberati, the managers of the schools concerned, Annamaria Bernardini and Laura D’Ignazi, and professors Sergio Bugiardini and Marino Capretti were tested, prepared by AID coach Katia Pasquali ad hoc, about the perception, decoding and comprehension of a text and about the graphic reproduction of the gesture that allowed them to experience first hand what it means to have learning difficulties. “For the provincial administration of Fermo,” says President Michele Ortenzi, “it is essential to support initiatives of this kind. Inclusion and active participation that meets the needs of all students, their families and teachers The school must be a place of confrontation where one can always deal with the other’s difficulties, a place of stimulation and listening , where one can appreciate the attitudes and interests of each child. “” It was a touching and highly formative experience – reports Councilor Pisana Liberati -. I could personally understand the frustrating emotions that are generated in students with SLD. Disappointing experiences and worries about school mistakes can lead to a negative self-esteem assessment and a decrease in self-esteem with negative consequences in school education and job placement. For this reason, “continues the education delegate,” it is the will of this administration to carry out projects that raise awareness among all those involved in education. ” “I have found a great deal of participation in open-mindedness,” continues Coach Katia Pasquali, “in those who go out of their way today to fully understand a student with SLD. I hope that many connected students may have understood that compensatory tools are necessary for their classmates so that they start at the same level and are not, as they often see, an injustice ”. “The experience – concludes teacher Annamaria Bernardini – allows me to personally see the needs of students with SLD, to whom we must all give the highest priority.” The initiative was promoted by the Province of Fermo and the Liceo Artistico Licini – Preziotti as part of the Permanent Observatory for Specific Learning Disorders and School Inclusion, which was promoted by the Province of Fermo, by the ASUR Marche Region Vasta 4, by the Territorial Social Areas n. . 19, 20 and 24, of the Polo schools of the province of Fermo for school inclusion (IPSIA “Ricci” and IIS “Carlo Urbani”), of the Sibillini ISC and of the Italian Dyslexia Association section. of Fermo. For information about the Provincial Observatory, it is possible to visit the website http: // osservatoriodsa.provincia.fm.it.

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