A march for Borsellino and two initiatives in Marsala

The family members of Rita Borsellino, sister of Judge Paolo Borsellino killed on July 19 and via D’Amelio with the men of the escort organized a march from Piazza San Domenico to via D’Amelio. The meeting will take place on July 18th at 4.30 pm in Piazza San Domenico. “We family members of Rita Borsellino – they say – renew our common commitment by returning the baton that Paolo Borsellino gave to the Scouts of Agesci on June 20, 1992 for the poor, in mind, for those affected. soft, for those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for the merciful, for the pure in heart, for peace, for those who are persecuted for justice, not to forget.

Two initiatives to remind him of Marsala

In Marsala, next Tuesday and Wednesday (July 19th and 20th) two moments will be dedicated to Paolo Borsellino, who was the head of the Marsala Prosecutor’s Office from autumn 1986 to early 1992. “Red Head Sicily” in collaboration with the clubs “Ciuri” and “Giva” and the patronage of the commune, as part of the “Carmine Art” review.

On Tuesday, at 7.30 pm, in the Piazza Carmine, the conversation with various voices on the subject “The testimony of Paolo Borsellino 30 years after the massacre of Via D’Amelio”. Journalists Max Firreri and Chiara Putaggio, Franco Gambino, a former Borsellino school friend, lawyer Marco Campagna and Francesca Incandela, president of the Anti-Racket Association, will talk about it. In the evening, there is also “The Journey to Art”, an impromptu picture of the children of the three communal crèches “Sappusi”, “Amabilina” and “Sant’Anna”. A Wednesday, however, always at 7.30 pm Talks about the methods and contents of the training workshop “The Journey to Art” and at 9.30 pm Concert “Tema per Borsellino”, with the quartet “Quartango”, formed by Gino De Vita, Nino Oddo, Niko Valenti and Dario Li vote.

“The Legacy of the Righteous” on the 19th at the Verdura Theater

On the 30th anniversary of the massacres of Capaci and Via Amelio, the Teatro Massimo will present in Palermo on Tuesday 19 July Falcone and Borsellino at the Teatro di Verdura. The Inheritance of the Right, the much-anticipated epilogue of the season of operas, concerts and shows, this year is dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Mafia factions that rocked the city community and the country. The composer Marco Tutino is the author of the original music, Emanuela Giordano signs the direction and the dramaturgy. On the podium of the orchestra and choir of the Teatro Massimo, Maestro Alessandro Cadario conducts among the charismatic young Italian conductors. Choirmaster is Ciro Visco. On stage with the very young and already esteemed soprano Maria Teresa Leva, the actors of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano: Jonathan Lazzini, Anna Manella, Marco Mavaracchio, Francesca Osso, Simone Tudda. The video and pictures are edited by Pierfrancesco Li Donni and Matteo Gherardini. Falcone and Borsellino. The Inheritance of the Justice is a co-production of the Massimo Theater of Palermo, the Regio Theater of Turin, the Piccolo Teatro of Milan – the Theater of Europe, the Turin Cultural Foundation.

“The lack of education and culture makes people enslaved, while education, educational and cultural, makes them free,” commented Roberto Lagalla, president of the Teatro Massimo Foundation and mayor of Palermo. From this point of view, he continues – d ‘The opera season of the Teatro Massimo, dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre, of which the production with the music of Marco Tutino and the direction of Emanuela Giordano is part, is a testament to a memory that must remain alive. A memory that Tools such as art, music and theater certainly help to nourish. “” Art, music, theater contribute to the civil progress of society, awaken conscience – adds Marco Betta, Superintendent of Teatro Massimo – Marco Tutino’s work is a very important moment of reflection, awareness and opposition thirty years after the massacre, against mafia family violence ”. “I tried to write music that is not rhetorical and more complex from the point of view of dimension” – says composer Marco Tutino. “The legacy of justice is a cumbersome legacy because it forces us to know that against injustice, violence, abuse and arrogance of crimes in the Mafia families we can fight, say no. This story of music, song and recited words is our way of rebelling against opportunity, and not forgetting those who have done it for all of us.

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