“A lot of commitment to our children” – Chronicle

This evening, at the Il Gambero restaurant, the La Crisalide association celebrates its first twenty years together with the people, bodies, institutions and organizations that have shared with reality, led by Morena Pierangeli (pictured) the mission all to do everything possible. to help disabled children and their families. The path that has been taken in these twenty years has been decisively positive and has exceeded the wildest expectations – commented President Pierangeli – Twenty years full of commitment, struggle, determination but also laughter, satisfaction, success and a great wish our children Believe it all and always carry our thinking forward: look at ability, not disability. ” The association has promoted a myriad of activities from 2002 until today: “We were among the first – underlines Pierangeli – to invest in music therapy and, if the results are achieved, we can say that we have seen a lot. Weekends “, essential for young people to know how to behave and behave appropriately according to their needs, but also for the same families who have gained valuable time to regenerate”. A virtual path consists of training sessions, table rounds and conferences on topics related to disability, discovery of topics such as school integration, sexuality, autism, school integration, day and housing centers and the removal of architectural barriers, and a long series of projects since eight years with ‘The Flight of the Butterflies’ materialized: “Within this ambitious project – he explains – children can participate in educational workshops such as the acquisition of computer skills, reading-writing, dance, theater, gymnastics, vocational training. Therapy , Creative laboratory, vegetable garden, painting, phototherapy, cooking, music and movement, music and fairy tales and finally our autonomy laboratory where children in the interior of the apartment experience social and personal autonomy. That is for us the ultimate goal of everything. We do, that is so that our children can be maximally autonomous I make the most of their potential “. The pandemic created problems, but did not interrupt La Crisalide’s activity: “Through the video calls, we were able to carry out educational activities and further support children and families. We maintained individual activities such as music therapy and pedagogy and activated a support desk for parents. with the aim of helping families manage the complex situations that have arisen during the delicate period of blockade.

Lorenzo Girelli

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