“A guide for families and support for children in need”

A mission to share, within a new path that has just begun, for Mariacristina Morabito and Micaela Rosati. The two professionals, as well as colleagues and friends, actually inaugurated PsyUp This is a psychology center for the developmental and adult age group, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center. Another step that marks the growth path of the two young women whose specialization is the treatment of autism disorders.

Two psychologists with the understandable ambition to increase their wealth of experience, increase the training and usability of the skills acquired. “I graduated in developmental psychology,” says Mariacristina, originally from Calabria. “Later, I worked as a teacher in a primary school, with disabled children. After I landed in Terni, I continued my training in psychotherapy and behavioral analysts, ”which is one of the different points shared with Micaela. “The study I completed at L’Aquila is in clinical psychology,” the colleague emphasized. “I have always worked in the developmental sector and together with Mariacristina we hold a training as an ABA-VB technician”.

From the first meeting to the joint continuation: “It was the year 2019 when we met. We started working at home, with children with neurodevelopmental disorders. In close contact we became aware that some families’ “They need needs. In fact, they need a guide, an address to which they are compliant. Therefore, the orientation was to set up a special center to provide support and a structure that can accommodate children with neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Development of the activity: “The reception is done directly in the studio. Then we go into phase two, namely the intervention project. A parallel work identified for child and parent / s. We will support the single individual and improve skills. We can structure workgroups rather than individual paths.One of the goals is to support the child in interacting with colleagues and to act on behavioral disorders and social skills.More specifically – emphasizes professionals – a whole focus on creating activities or d ‘Strengthening existing’s.

The specialization path is dictated by the guidelines defined by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità: “For families, we want to fill a potential gap. In fact, it is possible to get the diagnosis without having to resort to a specific intervention procedure. The structures of the territory they are formed with limited access and many professional resources during this period “.

At the beginning of the story, we used the term “mission”. The reason is quickly explained: “Every child is unique in his own way. Autism is a life condition that has its own pattern of functioning. Through the practice of the techniques and methods assimilated in the study courses, we have noticed concrete improvements. These are satisfactions that can not be explained in words. Being able to see with their eyes, finding the right keys, knowing the colors of life in a way that is as heterogeneous as it is special, is something incredible. We have always paid the utmost attention to children, with the aim of giving the little ones their own autonomy.

Another ambition: “We plan meetings with teachers to create a network by incorporating the different life contexts of the child. A sort of Do ut des, where they report their class experiences to then analyze them together and offer intervention strategies, identify practical tools to promote proper inclusion. “A necessary explanation in that sense to conclude. Of course, the professional activity of the Psychologist at 360 °: “We interact with young people and with adults who realize they need help. In fact, we carry out psychological support work aimed at confronting the various difficulties and situations of everyday life. “

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