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Well done. It can be said to underline the work of the Ministry of Education after reading the documents that the schools have proposed on the very current issue of refugees from Ukraine.

Indeed, the Viale Trastevere, and in particular the Ministry of Education and Training, sent some “contributions to the pedagogical and didactic reflection of the schools” to the schools, accompanied by more operational “ideas” and together with a website . help to orientate oneself on the topic.

It is a real operation to support the operation of those on the front lines, in the classrooms and beyond, in the perspective of an inclusive and welcoming school, without the centrality of the students and especially of most children. to lose sight of. in the state of refugees and maximum insecurity. At the same time, the note from the head of the department – Stefano Versari – is a significant opportunity to rediscover the significance and intention of our educational institution, tested once again in the current emergency. The starting point is the constant remembrance of the right and duty of education of all minors, as well as that of the centrality of language teaching, the participation of families, participation and the intercultural dimensions of the curriculum.

The reflection starts from here, but be aware that it seems that slogans need to be adapted to concrete historical situations – and this is what is really happening in schools – such as the one we are referring to today in the Ukraine crisis.

“The refugee flight from Ukraine is currently characterized by three main elements – writes the ministry – the dramatic situation at the base of the flight; Suddenness (several million refugees in about twenty days); Temporality of the Exodus (at least as far as personal hope is concerned) “Therefore, here are the suggestions of” three distinct temporary scans for the action of the schools: End of this school year, in particular on the re-composition of the socialization groups, on the acquisition of the first communication skills in Italian, to deal with trauma and, as far as possible, to provide continuity on interrupted educational paths; – a second phase of “consolidation and strengthening”, including cooperation between the territorial communities, through municipal pacts, during the summer period; – a third phase of “school integration”, in the academic year 2022/2023, with diversified methods in relation to the specific contexts and general conditions that occur, currently largely unknown “.

There are many other notable passages in the ministry document, also interesting are the operational ideas and proposals for a “pedagogy of the leader”, ie for graduate and progressive interventions involving many pedagogical subjects.

This is not the place to go into merit, or to go further. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the valuable effort that comes from the ministry is often understood as an abstract and bureaucratic entity that complicates rather than helps the activity of those who are at the forefront of school education. If you need a denial, here it is. To confirm that the pedagogical task, taken seriously, really involves everyone, including the offices that we think are rather dusty and far away and instead, often behind the scenes, operate in a valuable way and also with the necessary clarity that sometimes, right first and foremost. Line and for a thousand very valid reasons it risks missing.

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