a dip in the ‘600s, at the “Garden of Earthly Delights”

Borgo Ripa is a wonderful 17th-century villa, a stone’s throw away from Trastevere: a place that allows you to appreciate the history and art of Baroque Rome, without forgetting excellent food, cocktails and healthy fun.

by Damiana Cicconetti

There is a place in the capital where it is impossible not to enjoy a magical atmosphere, especially on these hot summer evenings: it is Village Ripaan exceptional villa with its boundless garden, yes found in the Heart of Romzu two Step of Trastevere.

Borgo Ripa belongs on there Family Doria Pamphiljone of the oldest Roman dynasties: a very important family that gave birth father Innocent Xbetter known as “big beneficiary”.

The Garden of villa represents without a doubt the “flagship” of the entire building: a magnificent garden, which in the past flowed the banks of the Tiber and therefore rightly so “Garden of Pleasure“For its very pleasant appearance, with attention to every detail.

This garden is belongs to Donna Olympia Maidalchini PamphiljSister of Innocent X, as well as one of the clever women of the seventeenth century: not surprising nickname “Do High Priestess“, Precisely in consideration of his conduct, always” over the top. “

Remember the other “pearls” that are present in the structure: the Church of S. Maria in the Chapeldates back to the 11th. Century, still decorated today with relics, including one nice wooden cross of Borromini.

The whole complex, to be honest, was in danger of being lost forever because it had been abandoned for many years.

Then, fortunately, in the year 2017the descendants of the Pamphilj family decided to approve the restoration.

Thus, after a careful restyling that lasted over ten years, the wonders of the building are “born again”, right under the banner of Borgo Ripa.

Since then, Borgo has become a place that offers every visitor the opportunity to enjoy a “Rees in the Past“, In one of the most evocative places in the capital: a place that allows you to come back to life at all – at least for a few hours! – all in the time of Rom Baroque of Six hundred.

This is the intention of Marco Scaffardi, the businessman dat Net has hesitated to take theTask of renovate the whole thing VillageWish it could be – how, in fact, it has – “Meeting point for many people, especially for the exchange of ideas between travelers and, even more, among young people …”.

Borgo Ripa can be found on Lungotevere Ripa: the area that goes from Ponte Palatino to the port of Ripa Grande and it is the historic river Tiber that separates it from Aventine Hill.

The first aspect to beat the visitor is the Walls dat surround the whole thing complex: Walls that, as soon as you cross the gate, give the impression of sinking into a “different” dimension, belonging to times that are now lost forever …

… Because there is no doubt that out of the noise of Lungotevere, in the twinkling of an eye, you will find yourself in a glorious garden: not surprisingly called the “Garden of Earthly Joy” … A real enchantment!

So in the center of the garden is one great Fountainwhere is it Swimming Water lilies: a fountain designed by Bernini and forcibly, Heart Button of Village Ripa.

They still live on the sides of the fountain today Beem of Abb., the umbrellas are given to protect themselves from the sun and which, apparently, were even immortalized in the Canvas of Vanvitelli.

Finally, what to say about the hospitality offered by the structure: Borgo Ripa stands out in all its glory and modernity through the Residence Doria Pamphilj in theHostel Ripa Village.

Do Residence Pamphilj it effectively consists of very elegant Suite: with high ceilings and large windows that, like postcards, look out over the Tiber, the total dive in “Great Beauty“From the capital.

The Hostel Ripa Villageinstead it is proposed as one hostel chic: for young people who want to meet in a unique “place”.

But Borgo Ripa does not underestimate another important aspect: the Kitchen. Especially that one Roman.

So he set up a refugee Restaurant, in addition to one Cocktail bar, strict under the The stars: both daily of the Nightlife Roman and of Faces notice of the world of wise.

… VunAperitif served under the Veranda dat lives along the Gardenon there Food sits: Enjoy in a “Garden of Earthly Delights”, while you have the opportunity to relax, but really enjoy listening to excellent music offered by talented DJs or even live outdoor music.

Therefore, in full certainty, the times decide: with Coffee table in the Areas confidential accordingly set apart.

They want Events made in this glorious setting in which their organizers abound: all exceptional in its kind.

Among the latter Just Winethe Event “openWineIn which the participants had the opportunity to taste a good wine from 21:00 to 22:30 and then continue the evening in a relaxed but at the same time fun and sociable atmosphere between songs and dance.

In addition, the event of last June 22, in which one elegant fashion show, for the choice of the masses who can participate in the next red Carpet of Venice. And, before that, even more delicious Pokè Party.

Moreover, it is impossible to forget other suggestive events, such as Do night of Candles: unique and fascinating evening, with thousands of lights illuminated, at dusk, in the garden of the historic Roman residence last May.

There is no doubt: Borgo Ripa will be a green refuge in the city center once again this year and for the whole summer; an oasis of coolness and tranquility a stone’s throw away from the more chaotic Trastevere.

… an ancient noble palace that deserves to be visited because it is one of the wonders of the capital; an apartment that allows you dive in the benotzen an Costumes of Rom Baroquebenefit from the most modern Comfort.

Credit Photo: Damiana Cicconetti

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