Once the exhibition at the Chiostro della Canonica is closed, Lecco’s interest in the figure of Emilia Vergani and the work she founded – the cooperative In-Presa di Carate – will be given the opportunity, to be further enriched The meeting on Wednesday 27 April (21:00, Nuovo Aquilone Cinema Theater at via Parini 16 – Lecco) will try to digest the pedagogical method implemented by In-Presa in recent years, interacting with similar experiences active in Lecco Area.

“Come after me. Youth educational emergency, early school leaving and in-presa. Vocational training courses in the field of Lecco ”: this is the name of the evening, coordinated by Stefano Gheno (CdO Opere sociale), in which Chiara Frigeni, Dean of the Vocational Training Center, faces face to face; Paolo Cesana, director of the Luigi Clerici Foundation; Gabrielle Marinoni, Director of the Multipurpose Vocational Training Center of Lecco. The initiative is supported by the Compagnia delle Opere Lecco Sondrio and the Alessandro Manzoni Cultural Center of Lecco.

“Come Behind Me” is the synthesis of the pedagogical style cultivated by Emilia Vergani, who sees in adults the figure capable of growing children, even those who tend to marginalize “normal” pedagogical processes, take on more responsibility for the person suffering from the simple but important training and education needs.

An educational method also briefly illustrated by the exhibition, which attracted hundreds of visitors between April 2 and 10, and even unexpected interest in the action of In-Presa and his ability to reach thousands of young people across the Years of participation, starting on paths. of vocational training but above all called for their human growth to be protagonists and to live responsibly.

This note will be discussed during the meeting, an exceptional opportunity for comparison with the great experiences operating in the Lecco field: not a technical and technical debate, but a passionate dialogue about the path of children and adolescents, of obvious interest to educators, Families, teachers, operators of public and private structures. This evening concludes the initiatives in connection with the exhibition “Emilia Vergani. Wisdom and honesty ”, which also wanted to re-imagine the figure and work of the founder of In-Presa in our city.

In-Presa was born in Carate Brianza on the initiative of Emilia Vergani, who, since 1994, is committed to experimenting with innovative day care experiences for children in situations of social, academic and occupational difficulty. Emilia was convinced that these boys deserved what their children had: above all, a home, a place of definite and immeasurable love.

From this conviction and through the work of dozens of educators and volunteers, today the children followed by the work include more than 450 and the activities of In-Presa include: vocational training, training in the transition between school and work, accompaniment at work a Study. Help for primary and secondary children.

Wednesday, April 27 at 9 p.m.

“Come after me”
Youth educational emergency, early school leaving and in-presa
Vocational training in the Lecco area

Speaker: Chiara Frigeni, Dean of the In-Presa di Carate Vocational Training Center
Paolo Cesana – Clerici Lecco Foundation
Gabriele Marinoni – Multipurpose Vocational Training Center in Lecco
Coordinated by Stefano Gheno – Cdo Works Social

New Kite Cinema Theater – via Parini 16 (Entrance by reservation)

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