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10 million euros to support initiatives that guarantee equal access to schooling and learning, expand and strengthen the provision of services for minors and families. The announcement comes Neighbors from school, promoted by Con i Bambini under Fund for the fight against youth education poverty.

The ability to receive free, high-quality education is a right guaranteed on our site Constitution.

All children have the right to education, regardless of gender, religion, nationality or any other condition. The state must do everything in its power to guarantee children’s access to education.

– Convention on Rights of the child, right to education

Nevertheless, it is now required In the urgent address the phenomenon of growing inequalities, which in many territorial contexts risk becoming structural. The number of children of low-income familiesChildren with Learning difficultiesGuys who live in the big urban suburbs bad educational offer or even children out The family with a migration history that I am and difficulties.

One of the consequences of this situation is the phenomenon of Segregation scholastic, what happens when a large number of students belong to the same social group or with Migration experiences Communes are concentrated in the same school while the other families “flee “direction Schools looked like more attractive and sure.

An increasingly multicultural country

So in a country with few children and where a third of the minors live in absolute or relative poverty, the theme of School segregation it becomes very important for the whole Italian school. Italy is an increasingly multicultural country where they live today over one million children and young people of foreign originwho go to the same schools as their Italian colleagues (data from #conibambini Observatory).

Institutions that exceed the threshold of 30% of students with non-Italian citizenship are rising and today represent 6% of the total number of institutions.

Neighbors from school

To combat the phenomena of school segregation, within the framework of Fund for the fight against youth education poverty the announcement is born Neighbors from school.

The call provides 10 million euros to support initiatives that guarantee balance in access to schooling and learning, expand and strengthen the provision of services for minors and families.


The announcement counts to support Innovative Models capable of reducing the phenomena of school segregation affecting minors in the age group 6-13 yearsPromote interventions that make it possible to guarantee them one Quality Training even in more complex contexts. Interventions that lead to progressives rebalancing the “social” composition of students in and around schools Reduction of gaps on territorial education policy.

Who can participate

The announcement is reserved for heterogeneous and complementary partnershipsformed by a plurality of public and private entities in the area and by institutional partners functional for the implementation of the intervention.

The partnership should at least end three organizationsof which at least two of Third Sector (one with the role of “responsible party”) and at least one school of the first cycle of education that meets the requirements in the announcement.

Proposals must be presented until May 27, 2022 at 1 p.m.

To participate

On the side of the children

The Fund for the fight against youth education povertyarises from an agreement between the Foundations of Banks Origin represented by Hectaresthe National Forum of the Third Sector an den Government. In order to implement the programs of the fund, the social enterprise was established in 2016 With the kidsa non-profit organization which is wholly owned by Foundation With the South.

It supports interventions that aim at removal economic, social and cultural barriers which prevent the full use of educational processes of the Minors.

In recent years, important companies have been promoted throughout the national territory Notices who, at local level, have involved partner organizations to implement and implement prevention projects and interventions Child educational poverty.

(Cariparo Foundation)

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