“A calendar to remember”, Memorandum of Understanding between the municipality of Cittanova and the art school · Il Reggino

“A calendar to remember”. This is the title of the cultural initiative that the municipality of Cittanova and the “Vincenzo Gerace” University Institute of Cittanova will be working together throughout 2022. A way that consists in the elaboration of the students of the art school, of real Graphic works dedicated to anniversaries, events or celebrations of particular importance to the Novitovese community. Posters that are the result of research, reflection and sharing of ideas and sensibilities that reach from the school to the heart of the city identity, and then culminate in a volume published by the City Council.

The initiative, born on the proposal of the Mayor Francesco Cosentino and by the Council for Culture Marianna Iorfida, found full agreement on the part of the “Gerace”: both in the figure of the teacher Antonella Timpano and that in the teaching staff, who monitor the students in all phases of the project. In this regard, the municipality and the school have in recent days signed a memorandum of understanding to define all the details of the road.

“The initiative – explains Francesco Cosentino – is part of a broader and more articulate collaboration between the municipality of Cittanova and the schools in the region, in the course of a precise administrative policy for the strengthening of school services and the ‘Offer training for students. Culture, education and social cohesion are strategic sectors for the overall growth of the community in which we invest with conviction. Thanks to the director Antonella Timpano, to the teachers and students who make a project with exceptional cultural, social and identity value concrete. Thanks also to the Ministry of Culture and to the communal offices that prepared the bureaucratic process until the start of the activities ”.

“This cultural path – underlines Marianna Iorfida – brings a new vision of the future of the territory into play, from an innovative school model to an exceptional laboratory for training, growth and collective enrichment. In the next days, we will present the first paper created by the students of the Liceo Artistico and, from time to time, until next December, we will tell the Novateovese calendar in a completely original and evocative way, sharing the works through the official channels of the commune ».

The first step of “Remembering a calendar” will be the date symbol February 20th: Day on the anniversary of the Allied bombing in ’43 in Novigrad. “We gladly accepted the proposal of the municipality of Cittanova – explains the teacher Antonella Timpano – and I am sure that, in continuity with the valuable experiences of recent years, the synergy between the institutions will again be able to produce exceptional results. both for students and for the local community, in line with a modern idea of ​​a school open to confrontation and the challenges that come from the territory.

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