“A Breathtaking Pic nic VR” and “School of CPR VR”: Two New Apps to Promote CPR Training and Childhood Awareness

Recognize heart disease, call 911, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use AEDs. These are simple gestures, elemental maneuvers, within everyone’s reach, even the small ones. The global campaign is born out of this awareness “Children save lives“, Supported by the WHO and aims to promote the teaching of CPR in schools. And it is with the launch of this campaign, 2015, on the occasion of VIVA! -Week, that the launch of Italian Resuscitation Council of the first version of “A stunning picnic“, The very first tool that was adopted to train and sensitize the little ones through the story of a fairy tale that followed, with the support of IRC EduSchool of CPR“.

Since then, technological innovation and the dissemination of virtual reality have given a new impetus to the project: we have moved from the use of PC software to the project VR CPR by IRC Edu, to download innovative free apps available for kids and adults in the Play Store and Apple Store.
There are many steps along the way that have engaged the USL Company and the Fondazione del Monte of Bologna and Ravenna over the years to raise awareness and promote the school population in the management of cardiorespiratory emergencies, for first aid interventions they promote.

For over 10 years, in fact, theBologna Local Health Authority pursues this important goal through the training provided in the context of Ready Blue Project 118.
Spreading the culture of resuscitation and increasing the number of volunteer rescuers who can intervene in the event of a heart attack are the ultimate goals of the new project that is currently being implemented, leading to a training of thousand students by December of this year.and 100 teachers belonging to 8 classes of primary schools and 80 classes of secondary schools in Bologna and Ravenna.

Today, “Kids Save Lives” starts again with two completely reviewed apps: “A stunning VR Picnic“in the”School of CPR VR“Right to primary school and high school children. The new project, funded by Monte di Bologna and Ravenna FoundationIn collaboration with the Italian Resuscitation Council and IRC Edu Srl, the synergy with the DAE Responder Alert app fully complies with the objectives of last August’s law, which includes the adoption of an app for the population, the compulsory cardiopulmonary education . School resuscitation maneuvers and public awareness campaigns.
It should be noted that the two new apps, designed specifically for the youngest, simply represent the first two nodes of a longer training and empowerment path for all citizens who call 118 and the Bologna Local Health Authority, several times in Bologna promote, “cardio-protected city”.

The ultimate goal of this important project, which should encourage the sharing and transmission of the correct execution of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers among the youngest, is precisely to overcome fear and any doubt, in order to favor the timely intervention of future adults. In 70% of the cases, in fact, are ordinary citizens, defined as “lay” witnesses of about 60,000 heart attacks, which were recorded every year in Italy.
Precisely through this education, awareness and social responsibility, in case they witness a heart attack during their lifetime, they can therefore count on the knowledge about CPR maneuvers and the procedures for the semi-automatic defibrillator. Factors that can only favor the choice to make themselves available by keeping use of the AED RespondER app: the first app in Italy that is fully integrated with 118 Central to alert volunteer rescuers when a heart attack the area is recorded.

The experience shared by 118 with the teachers and students of the Aldini Valeriani Siriani Institute was exemplary, where the impact of the training was made even more evident by the success of the emergency intervention on a student. The effectiveness and importance of the education of young people has also been recently demonstrated by the CPR maneuver of a girl from Modena who, through the resuscitation course at the school, rescued her sister who was suffering from cardiac arrest.

The future to save lives with 118, therefore, lies with the young people. The path of education and awareness raising of the Bologna Local Health Authority continues, enriched every day with new experiences and new goals, through the support of technological innovation, ever more user-friendly tools and the important funding of Monte Foundation with which more and more students reach out.

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