958 Santero Scholarships for the deserving students of Pellati di Nizza Monferrato

The annual 958 Santero “Study Prize” was established, which rewards four young people who have distinguished themselves by their academic commitment by giving prestige to the Nicola Pellati Institute Prestige. The study price is reserved for students enrolled in the secondary classes of the school.

The second class is chosen to support the student in the most delicate and economically stressful moment, that is to say in the third class, where, among other things, the costs of buying books are more significant. The study prize is awarded in the form of a donation and amounts to a total of 2,000 euros and 4 individual donations of 500 euros each, which are awarded to the 4 students who become winners according to the regulation of the prize.

Students may apply for the study award, which: We achieved a behavior mark higher than eight both in the two-quarter evaluations of the first year and in the first evaluation of the second year; at the end of the 1st apprenticeship of the second year an average of the points, calculated on the basis of the results at the end of the first year and in the 1st trimester of the 2nd year, not less than 7,50, to be calculated on all subjects with the exclusion of the vote from conduct and religion.

The application for participation in the competition for the award of the study prize must be submitted to the Secretariat of the IIS “N. Pellati” of Nice Monferrato no later than 12.00 on March 31, using the specific Google form

The Assignment Commission will proceed to form a ranking of potential beneficiaries based on the score derived from the sum of the scores related to the ISEE indicator, the average of the marks and the fact that they may be orphaned by a parent. The prize is awarded to the first class for each type of school, in particular: one for Liceo Scientifico and Applied Sciences, one for Liceo Linguistico, one for Tourism, one for Technical Institute.

The commission responsible for preparing the rankings consists of the teacher, the coordinator of the classes of the second classes, the promoter who introduced the study prize or appointed a representative of the same.

Manager Matelda Lupori, on behalf of the donor Gianfranco Santero on behalf of the students, emphasizes how this is also a very important form of cooperation between the productive realities of the territory, people of good will in school, a place of training not only by the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, but above all by people who are then also open to the needs of others.

[Nella foto la dirigente Lupori e Gianfranco Santero]

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