9 million to make it a center of education and social aggregation [FOTO] – Turin today

A message that has been waiting in the city for years. Thanks to the funds of the PNRR in Vinovo, the former Cottolengo was rebuilt, the historic building, built in the late 1800s in a state of neglect, which the municipality 218 had bought up with the aim of achieving a redevelopment. , now possible thanks to € 5 million from the Ministry for the City Regeneration Project and € 3.9 million from the Metropolitan City.

Guerrini: “To bear no cost to the community”

The mayor’s satisfaction is evident Gianfranco Guerrini: “There is no cost to the citizens, we get a completely new historic building thanks to this intervention. The external part remains the same, there are the superintendents who follow the work and respect all constraints.” But there are many projects in the pipeline for the 11 thousand square meters of the garden and the 3900 within the structure: “The aim is to create a meeting place for clubs, a meeting place for young people and places for the elderly.Explains the Mayor.

Training center and ‘Citadel of ceramics’

But the former Cottolengo will not only be a point of social aggregation, but will also and above all become a training center. “to combat early school exchange, which was very strong in this area during the two years of the pandemic, with data on the regional and national average“, emphasizes the Mayor of Vinovo. Carpentry, agriculture and the” Citadel of Ceramics “will be the first opportunities that will take place, and strengthen the best proposals that come to us.”We want to abandon good plans for the future, combine quality of life with civic engagement interventions, with the goal of continuing to grow Vinovo“, Guerrini added, and looked long-term, even when a date was set:”The works have to be completed by 31 March 2026“.

Encourage international cooperation

By the summer of next year, the contract must be awarded and therefore the interventions must begin, at least for the part of the funding received thanks to the Metropolitan City. “The city’s commitment to the recovery of the Cottolengo area has been going on for years, today we have a unique opportunity and it should not be wasted“, Guerrini added, referring to a redevelopment project, which also leads to the development and strengthening of projects for international cooperation in Vinovo:”The exchange of work experiences, with particular emphasis on the education of young people from outside the EU, will ensure the exchange of skills acquired locally, comparing different cultures and traditions“.

To connect history and tradition with the present and the future and the rebirth of the former Cottolengo.

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