“87 million to complete remediation and security measures”: ilSicilia.it

To further those Process of redevelopment of Sicilian school buildings 67 million funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and 20 million provided by the Sicilian region are involved. Department ofEducation and vocational training actually asked the Ministry of Education, with 67 million euros from the Pnrr funds earmarked for Sicily, to fund 27 projects for the restructuring and safety of schools, identified by scrolling the ranking of the “Three-year school building plan 2018-2020 ″. In particular, nine interventions are funded in the province of Messina, four in Nisseno, seven in Catania, three in Palermo and three in Agrigento and one in the province of Enna.

In addition, the Sicilian region is financing with another 20 million euros the realization of geognostic surveys to measure the coefficient of seismic vulnerability of over a thousand school complexes, on which, based on the results, all consolidation interventions can be carried out. In order to speed up procedures, municipalities will be able to designate these resources through a simple interest, and designate the buildings on which the interventions are to be made. It is then up to the city council, through a technical operator identified by a tender, to carry out the necessary activities directly in each province.

The 67 million euros of the NRP will be used to increase the number of renovation interventions of buildings, consisting of structural and plant adaptation works, removal of architectural barriers and exceptional maintenance interventions, as part of the more general three-year school building program, which, from 2018 to present, promoted over 1500 initiatives, with an investment of about 500 million euros.
In addition, we will be proceeding quickly with the conduct of seismic vulnerability surveys in buildings where such evaluations have not yet been carried out, with the aim of ensuring adequate safety conditions for pupils and school operators. With this additional investment – go on Roberto LagallaMunicipal councilor for education and vocational training – the Musumeci government will complete the process to check the level of seismic resistance of the schools, of which 3,000 have already been analyzed and about 1,000 are awaiting investigation.

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