55 European students from Spain, France, Austria and Turkey hosted by the municipality

55 international students from 4 countries (Spain, France, Austria and Turkey), accompanied by the teachers of Ipsia “Alberti” from Rimini (partner of the Erasmus project) Guests this morning from the Rimini municipal administration. First the greeting in the name of the city, in the town hall, by Alderman Chiara Bellini, followed by a guided tour of the city’s monuments, organized by cultural officials and guides guided by the administration Provides.

“Innovative Lab Infrastructure for Schools”, renamed “Lab 4 Schools”, is part of the Erasmus + KA229 program, funded and funded by the European Union. This project promotes exchange between 5 vocational schools: HTL Weiz (Weiz, Austria), Antalya Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (Antalya, Turkey), Lycee General et Technologique Voillaume (Paris, France), IES Bernart Guinovart (Algemsí, Spain) ) and the Ipsia Alberti of Rimini for Italy. All institutes offer professional training with similar addresses, ranging from automation to mechatronics. The two-year project involves teachers and students using English as their vehicle language.

“An important transnational project – explains Chiara Bellini, Deputy Mayor in charge of education policy of the municipality of Rimini – which sees Ipsia” Alberti “of Rimini, already hosted in some of the cities of the other participating European institutions, in the center of a cultural exchange, technically and linguistically of great value to students and teachers.For me, coming from study and work experience abroad, it was an opportunity to breathe the climate of openness and cultural exchange that the school offerings of our students Ipsia Alberti, through the management and teachers, has brought enthusiasm to the city an important signal, and shows how it has been possible since high school to expand the school curriculum with important European experiments A stimulus that the local government wants to make itself available to other Rimini schools. want to participate in projects. Never before, in times of conflict at the door, is it necessary to feel and foster the common European roots, to work out of school to grow not only good students but also cosmopolitan, inclusive and supportive citizens “.


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