24 children per section also confirmed for the next school year

Registration in territorial and organizational articulation of the service
There are 264 playschools in the region: 153 equivalent and 111 provinces. For the school year 2022/2023, 12,702 children are enrolled in the Trentino playschools, with a decrease of 519 children compared to the school year 2021/2022 (corresponding to a reduction of 3.93%): in September, there will be 343 children less in equivalent schools and 176 less and provinciales. 7,781 children are enrolled in the service of extension of hours, with a decrease – compared to the school year 2021/2022 – equal to -1.5% (the decrease is 119 enrolled), large in line with the total number of children, who are enrolled in the kindergarten. .
From September 2022, Pellizzano Provincial School will also welcome Ossana users. In addition, the new provincial playschool of Anghebeni di Vallarsa was founded, bringing children from the provincial playschools “A. Moro” Raossi and S. Anna. For Tione, Levico, Ala and Sarche, considering that there was a greater dynamism in the trend of enrollments also during the year, an increase in staff was assigned to allow a greater absorption of registration applications.

Framework of the training offer
As already mentioned, the guidelines concerning the playschools, which are defined in the framework of the provincial school and education offer, are confirmed, with the maintenance of 23 small schools (those with enrolled children of less than 15 or 10 in disadvantaged areas).

Playschool according to the pedagogical methodology “Montessori”.
Experimenting pedagogical paths according to the “Montessori” pedagogical methodology in the sections of the equivalent playschools of Riva del Garda, Lavis (“Mother Maddalena di Canossa”), Trento (“GB Zanella”), Pergine Valsugana (“Giovanni Battista Chimelli” “) 1”) and in the Rione Sud Provincial Crèche “Enchanted Garden” of Rovereto.

Trentino Trilingue Plan – Approach to Foreign Languages
The goal of implementing the trilingualism plan in preschools, defined in 2014, will also be pursued for the next school year, following a logic of the progressive expansion of the language combination and taking into account the professional resources available there. For the year 2022/2023, there will be 192 teaching places with language skills (53 in equivalent nursery schools and 139 in the provincial ones), with a positive result of 34 places compared to the previous year. In fact, it has been found that within ten years in the sections of all provincial and equivalent playschools a teacher with linguistic competence becomes, in addition to the guarantee of a continuous strong financial investment to maintain the contribution of external subjects, incl. Native speakers to develop the linguistic approach.

Financial data and costs of the annual program
To give an initial answer to the increase in energy costs, the financing of heating costs has been increased by 10% compared to last year, and the integration into individual schools on the basis of the costs actually incurred on the ‘Presentation of the balance sheets completed, adjourned. .
The total cost of the annual program for the school year 2022/2023, in line with the previous one, is 87,900,000 euros.


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