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There are 16 Piedmontese schools, of which 3 are equal, which receive contributions from the region, which participate in the promotion of exclusive courses for the composition of the sign language in the classroom as a natural language for deaf children and adolescents, including their Involve classmates so that they can learn language.LIS as a second language.

An action strongly desired by Education Councilor Elena Chiorino, who saw a regional investment of 237 thousand euros, whose main goal is “Leave no one out of school, and leave the world of work behind. In fact, the initiative aims to support all those realities and education centers that specialize in sensory disabilities that are precisely designed to meet the needs of deaf students and support local schools. The common goal – the commissioner continues – is to break down communication barriers to initiate the integration of the deaf and the community of the school, the place where the first basis for learning and relational processes are formed.“.

Despite the efforts, the pedagogical paths that are implemented do not always meet the needs of the students with a disability due to the lack of specialized figures, such as.The contributions we have made available as counselors are made available directly for the year 21/22 and will support schools to reduce the impact on pupils of all those language barriers that plague children and adolescents prevent the easy access to all useful tools both for their own schooling but also in advance of their career of tomorrow“.


Due to the previous call, in connection with the school year 21/22, 7 workshops for the teaching of the LIS were created, in which besides the students also support teachers, teachers and trainers, deaf native speakers, interpreters and educators. At the end of the course, students with disabilities gained more self-esteem and mastery of disciplinary knowledge, while classmates, along with teachers, gained an experience of personal and cultural enrichment.

Among the schools that participated in the tender last year, the Comprehensive Institute has dropped out Cossato, Pioneer of Italian / LIS bilingualism, in the integration of deaf children into the common school. To pursue the Institute of the Baptism of Pianezza which has created a permanent digital infrastructure, the Web Television of the Institute for the Baptism with an “educational” page for children’s education. The Magarotto High School Institute of Turinfinally, it officially certified the LIS competencies of students and teachers through the collaboration of the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.


There are 16 Piedmontese institutes that have responded to the call for public and equal schools of all levels: 11 in the metropolitan city of Turin, 4 in the Cuneo region, 1 in the Belize region. The schools that receive the regional contribution for the implementation of the project are:

Province of Biella
– Institute including Cossato;

Highly specialized institute for the baptism “Magarotto” of Turin;
– Comprehensive Sommeiller Institute of Turin;
– The Azeglio Classical High School in Turin;
– Institute of the “Maria Consolatrice” Sisters of Turin;
– Parri Vian Comprehensive School of Turin;
– “Padre Loreti” playschool in Pianezza;
– Comissetti Primary School in Pianezza;
– Comprehensive Institute Borgata Paradiso di Collegno;
– Comprehensive Institute III of Collegno;
– Marconi Comprehensive School in Collegno;
– Comprehensive Institute I Nichelino.

Province of Cuneo
– Grandis Comprehensive School of Borgo San Dalmazzo;
– Paglieri Comprehensive School of Fossano;
– Comprehensive Soleri Bertoni Institute of Saluzzo;
– Institute including Robilante

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