1150 hiring for kindergartens, kindergartens, educators

Hundreds of employees are on the way in kindergartens and preschools in Rome, and for educators in educational and school structures.

The Capitol administration authorized Ben’s inclusion 600 new permanent resources and municipal institutions for the school year 2022/2023.

Here is all the information and what to know about jobs in Rome in preschools and kindergartens, and for educators who are covered.


To give the news is Roma Capitale, through a recent press release. In fact, new employees were approved School and educational staff employed in nurseries, kindergartens and municipal educational and school facilities. Specifically, they are 1,150 jobs in Rome to be covered for the next school year.

This important recruitment initiative aims to reduce the use of fixed contracts without increasing costs. In addition, it wants to strengthen the staff of the educational and school structures, with particular attention to those dedicated to the inclusion of children with disabilities.

The new hires in nurseries, kindergartens and educational and school facilities in Rome are added to other initiatives adopted by the administration for the school system, including the adoption of a new regulation in the area of Educational service for the right to study, autonomy and school inclusion of students and students with disabilities (Oepac), which adjusted the contractual organization of the operators, guaranteed the right to food, restructured the hours of service to ensure continuity and stability, and set up a new system based on the accreditation of the cooperatives, which operate in the various municipalities.

Steps have also been taken in recent months simplify the registration in municipal nurseries and guarantee theOpening of 36 schools for summer camps and from 60 school and extracurricular hours already from September. Moreover, thanks to the new Institutional Development Agreement for Green schools in Rome concluded by the government with the Lazio region in the coming years 200 schools are set up Capitoline.


In detail, the 1,150 employees in Rome in preschools and kindergartens, and for educators, are distributed as follows:

  • 600 employees indefinitely for the staff of municipal infant centers and kindergartens, of which
    – 200 until September 2022;
    – 400 in the first months of 2023;

  • 550 hired in the educational and school structures to strengthen the staff dedicated to the inclusion in the wards where there are children with disabilities, of which
    – 250 for the nests;
    – 60 for kindergarten;
    – 250 related to the staff for inclusion.


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