10 pieces for 10 students

Ten new computers, one for each of the children of the small primary school “Giovanni Bianchini” in Campo Tartano, which is part of the “Gavazzeni” Comprehensive Institute in Talamona. PCs are a gift, as welcome as it is unexpected, from the Noratech company in Morbegno, which responded to the call of Professor Evangelina Laini, a passionate scholar from the city of Campo Tartano. Great enthusiasm among the students at the time of delivery in the presence of Deputy Mayor of Tartano Osvaldo Bianchini, Professor Evangelina Laini, CEO of Noratech Luca Filippucci, Chief Teacher Valeria Cicogna and Professor Renzo Fallati, Historical Director of the Morbegno Morbegno . A special day that engaged children and teachers in a training session thanks to the advice of the company’s IT technicians, who made the tools immediately operational. “It is important to emphasize the value of the initiative and the gestures of Professor Evangelina Laina and the Noratech company – says teacher Valeria Cicogna – not only for the unusual sensitivity towards school and education, but as evidence. of the concrete collaboration that takes place with local business operators as well as with local institutions >>. «The computer room was immediately filled» and everyone with the PC in front of him started working with interest and commitment, under the guidance of the expert – explains the teachers of The Campo Tartano School – Certainly the gift that is given is not everyday. from the families of the 10 students who are in the school. “We would like to express our sincere thanks for the gift – say the parents -. The small school represents the heart of our valley and we are well aware that without them our country would not have a long future. Therefore, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the parents of the ten students who are present today, the children will be proud to be able to use these PCs that they feel in time. Your gesture supports a small mountain reality that wants to do it “.

05 Mar 2022 – 11:24

Annalisa Acquistapace

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