10 billion for schools: increase in salaries for teachers, sustainable school buildings, books, canteens and free public transport for students. PD program [BOZZA]

“Knowledge is power”. This is the name of the part concerning the formation of the programmatic lines of the Democratic Party.

As already announced, it is a 10 billion euro plan with increased salaries for teachers, sustainable school buildings, books, canteens and free public transport for middle and low income students.

What does the PD envision for education?

The relaunch of the south also starts with investments in knowledge, the centrality of schools and social infrastructure. According to the latest Svimez report, a southern elementary school girl does an average of 4 hours less per week; around 550,000 pupils from primary schools in the south (66% of the total) do not go to schools with a gym and 650,000 pupils from state primary schools (79% of the total) do not benefit from a canteen service. We are talking about 4 children out of 5. There is an issue of exclusion, which also comes from the lack of centrality of the school as an element of education, socialization and emancipation.

Our proposal about the school as the driving force of the country starts from here. We want to put the school back in the center and give back to the professor’s profession the role of dignity and centrality that it deserves, guarantee an adequate and continuous education and in the next 5 years the salaries will be back in line with the European average bring In Italy, one in ten children do not go to kindergarten (3-5 years), we start leaving them behind even before they learn to read and write, creating the first hate inequalities in access to an appropriate education system and to a healthy diet. This creates the first ugly inequalities, already at a very young age, in access to appropriate training and healthy nutrition.

The school, on the other hand, must accompany all parents, girls and boys, from the earliest years of life. We therefore understand this discrimination between children by making kindergarten compulsory and guaranteeing free access. We therefore want to promote equality in the first steps of the school path, to guarantee equal opportunities for care, relationships and play for everyone. And then the constitution of a national fund that integrates regional funding for study trips, school trips, leisure after school and the purchase of sports equipment and musical instruments. We want to encourage girls to choose STEM subjects through guidance.

We want to support the creation of “sustainable learning environments”, accessible, safe (also from a health point of view, with the installation of ventilation systems), innovative, by promoting meetings and activities between schools, because the space for us is a third educator . Traveling from home to school can become a significant expense for families, especially with inflation eroding so many savings.

We want to guarantee all free local public transport and school books for low and middle income families (according to ISEE). We also undertake to guarantee free textbooks for female students and students from low and medium income families (according to the ISEE level) and to guarantee full access to psychopedagogy by increasing the presence in the school of multidisciplinary teams of pedagogues. , educators, psychologists. . We guarantee universal and free access to school canteens for girls and boys and we invest in increasing the number of teachers who are qualified to support all people with disabilities in their schools.

We want to invest in culture as a space for emancipation, an instrument of sociality and an opportunity for personal growth, as opposed to the culture of illegality. When Falcone asked what he thought of the army in Sicily against the mafia, he replied “of course I want the army, I want an army of teachers, because the mafia is afraid of culture”. It is still true. Schools are the first civil antibody, the first opportunity to learn a free and responsible way in the world. Therefore, we will work to make schools more and more safe, beautiful, open all day, engaging places. Real citizenship gyms capable of representing a winning alternative to the mafia and violent subcultures.

For this reason, we want to improve the cultural offer in the suburbs of metropolitan cities and in areas with high social marginality through projects that combine social inclusion, territorial rebalancing, professional protection and improvement of material and immaterial cultural heritage.

The national museum system must also be strengthened through a strategy that enlarges the autonomous institutions and strengthens the museums in the internal areas, also with recourse to multi-year loans of works of art from the deposits of large museums. The use of international selections for the choice of directors of museums and state archaeological parks has proven to be a successful strategy, also for the internationalization of our cultural heritage, which must continue. We want to promote the complete digitization of cultural heritage. We want to support the Italian film and audiovisual industry by strengthening the automatic financing system of the sector and strong incentives for young authors and new productions, strengthening the tax credit, supporting international co-productions, securing and relaunching cinemas. The extension and strengthening of the art bonus is proposed.

For cultural consumption, we propose forms of deductibility of expenses incurred for participation in cultural activities; Reduction of VAT for cultural products and economic support for the cultural consumption of young people and confirmation of the 18App cultural bonus; structural reintroduction of 2 × 1000 to cultural associations.

Elections 2022 and school: precarious work, salaries, construction. The programs of the parties in comparison. UPDATED WITH ALLOY

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