Who is Texas Congresswoman Jessica Cisneros?

Who is Texas Congresswoman Jessica Cisneros?

DEMOCRATE Jessica Cisneros is running for a seat in Congress in the 28th District of Texas. It runs against Conservative bipartisan Democrat Henry Cuellar, who currently holds the seat in Congress. Who is Jessica Cisneros? Jessica Cisneros is a Mexican-American immigration and human rights lawyer and is currently running for Congress in the 2022 election. … Read more

Diploma and apprenticeship, agreement between Conflavoro and “Sp Malatesta”

Diploma and apprenticeship, agreement between Conflavoro and “Sp Malatesta”

Thursday, May 26, at 9:30 a.m., at the headquarters of the IPSSEOA “SP Malatesta”, Viale Regina Margherita 4 in Rimini (Marebello), the President of the Territorial Industry of the Conflavoro PMI, Corrado Della Vista, and the teacher Ornella Scaringi, will sign the agreement to encourage the implementation of the activities provided for in Legislative Decree … Read more

Tuition fees, from the Lombardy region 43 million: Scholarships for students from 500 to 1500 euros

Lombardy Region – The Lombardy Region Council has approved the Dowry School’s recommendations for the 2022-23 school year, on the proposal of the Councilor for Education, University, Research, Innovation and Simplification. “From the beginning of the legislature to the present day,” said the education adviser, “almost one million Lombard students have had access to the … Read more

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The full-time section comes to Da Vinci Primary School, Mayor Diolaiuti: “Reward our Stubbornness” Despite last year’s non-acceptance, the municipal administration continued to work to ensure that MIUR, the Ministry of Education, approved the full-time section of Da Vinci Primary School, as requested by the parents and by the school itself. In these hours, the … Read more

The hairdressing and beauty workshops have been inaugurated at the Fabio Baldi vocational training center

The inauguration ceremony of the restored hairdressing and beauty workshops of the Provincial Center for Vocational Training “Fabio Baldi. The new laboratories were inaugurated by the Mayor of Capranica Pietro Nocchi, the provincial councilor delegated to the school and vocational training network Eugenio Stelliferi, the manager of the financial sector and vocational training of the … Read more

In “C. Mennella” the presentation of the Ulysses project of the Rotary Club Ischia – Il Golfo 24

The events organized by the Institute “Cristofaro Mennella” continue for the youngest. And this time, we have tried in times of extreme uncertainty to focus on their future work rather than the ones we are experiencing. Clarifying the complicated issue of postgraduate education is not easy, but young people, schools, clubs and the world of … Read more

Inauguration of hairdressing and beauty workshops at the Fabio Baldi Vocational Training Center.

Capranica – The ceremony took place this morning in the presence of Pietro Nocchi, Eugenio Stelliferi, Patrizio Belli and Nazzareno Bianchi. Capranica – We get and publish – The hairdressing and aesthetics workshops have been inaugurated in the vocational training center “Fabio Baldi” in Capranica. Capranica – Inauguration of the “Fabio Baldi” hairdressing and beauty … Read more